Kaplan Student Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Kaplan Student Login:

Follow These Steps to access your Kaplan Student account:

1. First Enter the Kaplan Student Login address or URL into the address bar of your browser:


2. Then on the empty text field under USER NAME, enter your Username or your User ID

3. Next on the empty text field under PASSWORD, enter your Password

4. Finally, click the LOGIN button to proceed to your account



Are you having trouble logging in?

If you're still having trouble logging in, you can follow these steps to retrieve or reset your PASSWORD.

1. Under the text field of the Password, click the link that says FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? 

2. Then follow the instructions there and provide the needed information to retrieve or reset your Password. In this case, you will have to enter in your User Name and your Email Address on the allotted text fields

3. Once you have entered in the required information, click on the SUBMIT button to reset or retrieve your Password

Are you still having trouble logging in? No worries, simply contact Kaplan University directly and get help with your Kaplan Student Login:

NIT Student Support Line
Outside the US & Canada: 213-452-5700

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 9am ET - 10pm ET
Friday: 9am ET - 9pm ET
Saturday & Sunday: 9am ET - 5:45pm ET

Telephone (Student Support Desk/Technical Support): 866.522.7747 (Toll Free)

Email (Technical Support): techsupport@kaplan.edu

Location (Student Support Desk/Technical Support): 6301 Kaplan University Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Contact the Registrar’s Office for transcripts, enrollment verifications, and deferment requests.

Telephone: 866.522.7747 (Toll Free)

Fax: 800.588.4127 (Toll Free)

Location: 550 West Van Buren Street, 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607

Questions, Complaints, Suggestions
Feel free to contact us with your questions, complaints, and suggestions.

Telephone: 954.515.3296

Telephone (Toll Free): 877.836.5813